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E Studio Personal Trainers in Santa Rosa

     E Studio Personal Training was created to help anyone achieve peak physical condition in the least amount of time possible.  Our certified personal trainers do this by providing a realistic approach to exercise that motivates our clients and fulfills their fitness needs.  Our Santa Rosa trainers implement a slow resistance strength training exercise protocol designed to establish healthy habits that will get and keep you fit for life.

      The most important aspect of E Studio is the personal relationship created between the trainer and client. From the moment a client enters E Studio they should feel comfortable sharing personal goals, fears and concerns with their trainer.  E Studio personal trainers in Santa Rosa are always aware of the courage it takes for most people to simply walk through the doors of a gym.  It is our job to take  you under our wing and put you at ease by providing a safe and non-judgmental exercise environment, giving you the greatest chance of success on your quest for fitness. Click here to contact one of our Santa Rosa trainers.

      Success in life comes down to cultivating good habits and modeling successful behavior and it usually takes a lot of effort to become successful at adopting a new habit.  A fitness trainer should inspire their client, guide them and hold them accountable to what they want while serving as a role model.  With the knowledge and support of a personal fitness trainer the whole process of forming good exercise habits becomes infinitely easier and the client eliminates years of trial and error.

      There are massive amounts of misinformation about what it really takes to get and stay in peak physical shape.  At E Studio in Santa Rosa our personal trainers have the opportunity to teach people the principles and habits that make it as easy as possible to get the results they want.  We have found the combination of personal guidance through our slow resistance strength training program and gently making clients aware of their patterns, allows our clients to make their way to a healthy lifestyle and stay there. There is a tremendous amount of positive energy when two people focus on a common goal and this synergism is at least as important as the exercise training protocol.

Call an E Studio personal trainer in Santa Rosa today and start getting fit for life. 707-542-8900



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